Protect your home smartly | Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro Review! 20

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Are you looking for something that could protect your house smartly? Well, here we have something that might fit your home.

Here in this post, we’re deep dive into Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro Review, we’ll take you through every pros and cons if you’re considering for smart door look.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro Ensures Rigid Security Systems at Your Home’s Entrance

Protect your home smartly | Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro Review! 20

The new improvement by Xiaomi Mijia is remarkable in various ways. It accepts an extent of incredibly advanced parts to give customers omnidirectional confirmation. Starting as of late, the thing dispatch has been the subject of a few secrets showing the November 4 dispatch.

By and by, finally, the security structure is here to cement your home’s overall prosperity. In the secret standard, the lock wasn’t appearing in its full shape, yet showing the adequate part to give us a sensible thought about the equipment.

If we research eagerly, the farthest down the line Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro isn’t only a splendid doorway lock. It moreover organizes a catlike’s eye doorbell nearby a wide-direct camera to achieve a more genuine degree of security standards.

Further, the association powerfully believes in obtaining the best trust of the group. It tries to content its particular necessities through inventively made sharp things. Earlier, we at this point cause them to confuse marks in the association’s portfolio in this part.

What the Chinese brand is most welcomed for is the in reality especially studded IoT contraptions at more affordable expenses. The latest area sees the face opening model, other than finger impression separating and secret expression structures. Also, it introduces two cameras to analyze the singular’s face and a while later stream it to the customer’s contraption sitting inside.

Features and Specifications | Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro

How is the new splendid security system all things considered? This fragment will depict the whole story of the new Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro. Hence, we should start with the genuine appearance and build.

Design and Build

Design and Build Of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro.

The angle is the essential thing to captivate you. Xiaomi considers this district significantly to let its allies never ruin things. Near is the circumstance with the all-new Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Pro.

To the extent plan, the new clever locking system secures a magnificent appearance of the vertical shape. It houses the straight module C-level lock chamber that is implanted into the lock body to give it better covering. If the board is hurt, the entrance can’t be opened clearly through this remarkable lock chamber opening.

Furthermore, the splendid entrance lock goes with a one-piece dim concealing arrangement that has all the earmarks of being essential and engaging. You will feel the body is made of aluminum composite material to offer it more durability.

There are diverse secure similarly to a touch board. The lock’s handle is chilled to embed the finger impression sensor. The scanner goes with a similar size we see on mobile phones. Right when you place your hand on the handle, your thumb will press the special finger impression area typically.

As indicated by the real estimations, Xiaomi’s Mijia Smart Door Lock Pro measures 411.5×76.5x25mm and weighs 4.5kg.

Camera Quality

The camera game plan is another obvious element of the shrewd entrance lock. It utilizes a 1080p HD camera that accepts a very wide-point (up to 1610) approach.

Additionally, what will dazzle you the more is its ability to distinguish when someone is at the doorway. It also provides vertical imaging to make sure you can see the person outside from head to toe at once. It moreover starts recording if somebody is waiting too long outside the door.

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Customers will moreover see the value in video records and radio structures that make two-way correspondence and various limits possible.

Battery Proformance

Specifications Of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro

The association has established the amazing powerhouse of the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro by embedding a 5000 mAh lithium battery. Incredibly, the device similarly has 4 AA batteries to give you an unrivaled application.

As the entrance lock readies a top-quality camera, the 5000 mAh battery is ideal to see there. It gives adequate juice and customers have to recharge every in 2 or 3 years. Despite the way that battery life is dark, we can anticipate that it should continue to go for a seriously long time on a singular charge.

Different Unlocking Methods

What number of ways do you have to open your entrance? Without a doubt, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Pro goes with a total of 7 unlocking methods. Sounds surprising! You will have smart strategies like a key, secret expression, finger impression, far-off secret expression, NFC, Bluetooth, and Apple HomeKit.

Hereafter, it is critical that Apple phones similarly see the clever entrance lock. It supports the Apple HomeKit through Mijia App or voice orders, for instance, ‘Hello Siri, open the door lock.’

Among others, finger impression opening and mystery word opening are the most routinely used procedures. To enter a mysterious world, you need to contact the electronic contact surface and enter the number to open it.

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It is also worth zeroing in on that customers can in like manner set a one-temporary password (irregular mystery express) for housekeeping or guests. It can in like manner be performed through the Mijia application.

Additional Technicalities

To the extent of various conclusions, the latest Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro goes with 2 standard keys and a line at the tail. There is a doorbell button as well. It gets ready with 2 to one side tongues and 4 square tongues.

Like other astute contraptions, a conclusive entrance locking system can similarly be used with the Mijia application. At the point when you turn on the Bluetooth of your wireless; the Mijia application will distinguish new contraptions normally to tie the affiliation.

As indicated by Xiaomi’s claims, the Smart Door Lock Pro can moreover be related to Xiaomi’s touchscreen speakers later on. Further, customers can similarly watch recorded accounts on the application for nothing inside 3 days. As appropriated extra space eats up server costs; likewise, you need to buy cloud services on the application to store recorded footage.


As for pricing, the new Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro passes on a retail cost of 1,699 Yuan (for the most part changes more than $255). Nevertheless, the thing is open for purchase in China on the online stage Jingdong.

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