Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer With Google Assistant For Healthy Cooking

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Recently, Xiaomi unveiled the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer. The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer with Google Assistant is the ideal addition to the Indian kitchen for smarter and healthier cooking because it combines intelligent design elements with cutting-edge technology. It has more than 50 pre-programmed intelligent recipes, a wide temperature range, multi-functional cooking, and even supports voice instructions via Google Assistant.

  • In addition to air frying, the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer with Google Assistant also can bake, thaw, sauté, dehydrate dry fruits, and even create yogurt.
  • Its temperature range is 40 to 200 degrees Celsius. The air fryer’s 1500W heating capacity enables the rapid temperature to rising and even heat distribution, both of which can shorten cooking times.
  • Additionally, the appliance has a 24-hour cooking schedule capacity.
  • With a basket and a separate grill, it has a 3.5L capacity, and an OLED display to show the time and temperature. Additionally, these features can be changed with a single tap.

Less oil may be used with the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer, and you can quickly check the state of the food by taking out the basket. Then the cooking will start again. Additionally, it includes a non-stick, wear-resistant covering.

In addition to working with Google Assistant, the air fryer also functions with the Mi Home app (and Wi-Fi) to access more than 50 recipes, personalized cooking settings, and other features. Additionally, the air fryer has dishwasher-safe parts and cooling vents.

xiaomi smart air fryer
Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer With Google Assistant For Healthy Cooking 5
Name: Air FryerRated Capacity: 3.5 L
Model: MAF02Rated Frequency: 50­60 Hz
Rated Power: 1500 WRated Voltage: 220­240 V~
Maximum Output Power: 20 dBmPackage Dimensions: 370 × 295 × 345 mm
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°COperation Frequency: 2412­2472 MHz
Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHzNet Weight: 3.9 kg
 Gross Weight: 5.2 kg


1.      What foods can I prepare in a Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer with Google Assistant?

You can make many things in the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer with Google Assistant. Here’s what you can make at the different settings available.
• Mixed veggies, 15 minutes at 160°C.
• Egg tarts, 190°C, 25 min.
• Potato wedges, 204°C, 13 sec.
• Chicken wings, 180°C, 15 min.
• Bread should be baked at 170°C for 18 minutes.

2.      Does a Xiaomi air fryer fit in a dishwasher?

The fryer also has a top-notch construction. The 3.5-liter food basket has a non-stick surface that keeps food from sticking and a 3.5-liter capacity so it is dishwasher safe.

3.      Can I use the air fryer while it’s running?

Yes, it is quite safe to open your air fryer’s basket while you are cooking. You may access the basket by sliding the air fryer open from the front or side.

4.      How should my Xiaomi air fryer be cleaned?

Avoid cleaning the air fryer’s coated basket with steel wool or other abrasive materials because doing so could harm the coating. You can clean it using a sponge, cloth, or neutral detergent before wiping off the detergent residue with water using the same material.

5.      Is the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer with Google Assistant better than conventional frying?

Not really. The general time for cooking time for chips at 180°C is about 30 to 35 minutes, and the outcome isn’t any better than when done in the oven. Hash browns and other partially cooked items from the oven fared slightly better, but they still lacked the traditional advantages of air frying.

The Final Verdict

Although it feels relatively flimsy and I don’t think it’ll last a lifetime, the Xiaomi air fryer does look fantastic. Additionally, there’s the consideration of whether you want to spend too much money on a little air fryer to acquire the extra sophisticated capabilities. Unless you want to try more difficult air fryer recipes, these are very limited. MI Smart water purifier is another amazing product by Xiaomi.

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