Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer Details and Price (Best Air fryer 2022)

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Hey there reader! You seem to be looking for better and healthier options to cook your food. The Xiaomi air fryer details and price in this article will do just the job for you.

Healthy Cooking With The Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer

With the Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer, you can enjoy quick and wholesome meals. The Air Fryer’s swift temperature rise and improved heat distribution are made possible by its 1500 watts of tremendous heating power, which also speeds up the process of getting food on the table.
The Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer costs $134.98.

Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer – Your Best Friend

  1. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer’s temperature ranges from 40°C to 200°C. The opportunities are unlimited with this! For instance, a low temperature can be used to thaw goods or ferment yogurt, dried fruit, and meat. With the high temperature, you may roast vegetables, fry French fries, bake bread, and prepare meat.
  2. The OLED touchscreen makes it very simple to use the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer. The temperature and timing may be adjusted using the revolving wheel on the front.
  3. Additionally, the Air Fryer provides Wi-Fi access so you may connect to your smartphone. You can easily control the gadget with your smartphone using the Mi Home app, which also lets you set timers. For instance, you could set the fryer to come on at a specified time so your dinner would be ready when you got home!
Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer

Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer and Its Amazing Specs

• Functions as a yogurt maker, fruit drier, microwave, and electric oven.
• Fast heating power of 1500 Watts.
• Compact and attractive design.
• The capacity of 3.5 liters.
• 360-degree hot air circulation.
• The rack and tray may go straight into the dishwasher.
• Dishwasher Proof
• 33.5 x 25.2 x 30.4cm
• Single dial operation

Here are the pros and the cons of buying the Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer

Attractive designNot very robust build
Easy to useSmart features limited
Recipes includedSmall capacity


1. How should my Xiaomi Air Fryer be cleaned?

Avoid cleaning the air fryer’s coated basket with steel wool or other abrasive materials because doing so could harm the coating. You can clean it with a so, co on cloth or sponge saturated with neutral detergent before wiping off the detergent residue with water.

2. What foods can I prepare in a Xiaomi Air Fryer?

1. Chicken stuffed with asparagus cooking in 16 minuets
2. Roasted chicken and buttered vegetables in 24 minuets
3. Crispy sausages in 17 minuets
4. Chicken Pepper Kebab Skewers in in 16 minuets

3. Does a Xiaomi Air Fryer fit in a dishwasher?

The fryer also has a top-notch built. The 3.5-liter food basket has a non-stick surface that keeps food from sticking and a 3.5-liter capacity. Also, it is dishwasher safe.

Our Verdict

This sleek-looking device is great for those who like to control things remotely as it is very easily controlled remotely using your smartphone. We think it’s a great gadget to have especially if you are a fitness freak.

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