Xiaomi launches a new smart clothes dryer

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Xiaomi Trends

Xiaomi has launched a clothes-drying machine called the Smart Clothes Dryer Pro with the aim of making life simpler and easier.

It is an upgraded version of MIJIA Smart Clothes Dryer and MIJIA Clothes Dryer, which were introduced some time ago.

The new clothes dryer comes with a load-carrying capacity of 35kg. It will be available through a crowdfunding campaign.

The new smart clothes dryer machine comes with an ultra-thin design and supports an embedded hidden installation.

The official video shows the new Smart Clothes Dryer with built-in protection mechanisms for enhanced safety and to keep it out of the reach of children.

The MIJIA Smart Clothes Dryer Pro's crowdsourcing campaign officially started with a price of 1,199 yuan, which is roughly around Rs 14,000.