Overwatch 2'S New Phone Number Requirement Is Rejecting Pre-Paid Plans

"We made Overwatch 2 a live service, allowing us to respond quickly to different player feedback.

For the vast majority of current Overwatch players, we have decided to remove the necessity of having a phone number.

Players who have played Overwatch since June 9, 2021 and who have connected Battle.net accounts are exempt from having to enter a phone number.

This change is being made, and we anticipate implementing it on October 7th. As soon as it takes effect, we will inform players.

We're still dedicated to stopping disruptive behaviour in Overwatch 2 accounts that aren't linked to Battle.net.

In order to ensure that we are safeguarding our community against cheating, SMS Protect requirements will still apply to both existing accounts and new ones.

Whether a player has a new account or not, their account may be banned if they are found to be acting disruptively.