No Man's Sky Review

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No Man's Sky by Hello Games has travelled a long and winding route.

But if we fast-forward to 2022, there may never have been a larger or greater comeback story in gaming.

In conclusion, No Man's Sky has mostly become the game we all hoped it would, but there is still the issue of whether Hello Games can successfully port it to the Nintendo Switch.

We were afraid to believe, but it turns out that they merely went and did that.

Even when we launch from planets or accelerate our spacecraft to warp speed to get to a distant place, where we would have anticipated and even accepted minor frame rate decreases,

the game maintains an almost flawless 30FPS. It's truly amazing, and it results in a Switch conversion that, in our opinion, ranks right up there with games like The Witcher 3,

 Alien Isolation, and DOOM as one of the greatest ports we've seen on the system so far. It's an incredible feat that should not have been possible.