Nier Automata Gets Some Very Positive Switch Previews

The Nintendo Switch family of consoles will finally receive Nier Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition on October 6, and many of you will be interested to see how the port performs.

Large third-party Switch games frequently have to make a number of adjustments of one kind or another in order to operate well on Nintendo's hybrid device,

As always, it is wise to hold off before spending any money, but for now, here are some details from some of the fresh previews making the rounds online.

"I don't understand how Square Enix got a game like Nier Automata looking and running this good on what is indisputably ancient technology — it feels like magic is at work.

So, I was prepared for the worst when it was revealed that Automata would be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the guise of the End of Yorha Edition.

"It's likely helped NieR: Automata operate so well on Switch that so many of those last-gen, occasionally pitiably automatons look alike.

"I was shocked to see that the degree to which the Switch port's graphics adhere to the original work caused my single issue with them.