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Top10] Amazing New Features in MIUI 13 That Change Your Life

By: Mary Jones


What’s New in MIUI 13?

The most apparent update here is the primary design change to the home screen coupled with the new color scheme.

MIUI 13 New Features

Lock Screen Shortcut: You can now add shortcuts to any app on the lock screen. Game Speed Booster – The Game Speed Booster feature optimizes frame rates.

Release Date and Supported Devices

new version of MIUI was announced in May 20, a few weeks after the Redmi Note 7 Pro was launched. The first device to be launched with MIUI 13 is the Redmi Note 7

Download MIUI 13

MIUI 13 the download will be in the form of an update package which you can install on your device using the Mi Recovery or apps such as Mi Flash

Lock Screen Shortcut, Game Speed Booster

new version of MIUI has introduced some new lock screen features, including the Lock Screen Shortcut and the Game Speed Booster.

Enhanced Privacy – 

1. Base Layer: Facial Recognition 2. Watermark Reading Of User ID 3. Electronic Fraud Protection

Improved UI Design, Coherent UI Elements

Xiaomi has introduced a revamped UI design that includes a unique OS experience achieved via widgets, new Dynamic Wallpapers, and a new font called MiSans

Improved Performance, Smoother Animations

new software also focuses on optimizing the computing capabilities of the core system apps during heavy usage to ensure optimum performance and less throttle

Control Smart Home Products In Mi

Smart Hub is currently in beta and has been introduced alongside MIUI 13. Mi Smart Hub is aimed at providing users with a more connected experience between smart devices.

MIUI 13 For Tablets, Smartwatches, Smart TVs

brand has also unveiled MIUI Watch, MIUI Home, MIUI TV, and MIUI for Xiaomi smart devices

Liquid Storage

global version of MIUI 13, Xiaomi has brought about Liquid Storage feature to its devices. Liquid Storage is a system-level method of managing the way the files are stored on devices

Atomized Memory

Atomized Memory feature, MIUI 13 intends to bring better RAM efficiency. The brand claims that the Atomized Memory feature would being RAM efficiency to “a new level

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