Today, we're reviewing the brand-new Meze Audio 109 Pro dynamic headphones, which retail for $799 USD.

Disclaimer: We received the Meze Audio 109 Pro directly from Meze Audio.

Over the past few years, Meze Audio has grown to be well-known and significant. Their products have excellent build quality

It is hardly surprising that the Meze Audio products have received honours from all around the world because so many people appear to adore them.

The brand-new dynamic driver headphone from Romania, the Meze Audio 109 Pro, is the company's first open-back dynamic model.

When it comes to Meze Audio products, it's quite difficult to find flaws in the build or design.

The 109 Pro has a similar design aesthetic to the 99 Classics headphones, which we reviewed here six years ago. They make amazing headphones.

With every release, Meze Audio completely nails the design aspect.