Every colour has distinctive qualities and a rich history.

One of the most cherished of them has been purple.

In that regard, purple represents the same ideals as Samsung Galaxy: embracing uniqueness,

Many colours of purple have reverberated throughout history in many ways, from being light and playful to being dark and bold, as they have in Samsung's colour scheme.

Purple has been synonymous with the Galaxy brand thanks to the Orchid Gray Samsung Galaxy S8, Lilac Purple Galaxy S9, Violet S22 series, and Lavender Z Flip 3.

We introduce our newest hue, Bora Purple, to further the history of purple, which is consistent with Galaxy's concept.

The vivid and striking Bora Purple Galaxy S22 was created to stimulate joy, inspire creativity, and accept individuality. "Bora" is the Korean word for purple.

"Bora Purple exudes hope and calmness with its pastel and neutral tones.

The Galaxy S22 Bora Purple was designed for you, whether you're a K-pop superstar or a lifetime fan of the colour purple.

Starting on August 10.1, Samsung's Galaxy S22 in Bora Purple will be sold.