Boult Maverick: fashionable, inexpensive earphones with some unpleasant surprises

While both gamers and music critics yearn for a close to complete immersion in their preferred soundscapes, each listener's equipment preferences will be very different.

More of these cyberpunk designs from international companies would be fantastic.

In terms of overall design, they come up short.

Black with grey coverings, the earphone's plastic is crude, has rough creases, and lacks a sleek finish.

Part of the top-heavy earphone goes into the ear canal along with the bud, which leads to the plastic body getting stained.

The Boult Audio firm, which boasts that it has sold more than 5 million units, sent us a pair of Maverick TWS earbuds.

Two true wireless earphones from Boult Audio are included, together with a charging case, a Type-C charging cable, a warranty card, the user manual, and two additional earbuds.