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Top 10] Best VR Headsets for PC in 2022

By: Mary Jones


Meta Quest 2

Though the Oculus branding has been killed off in favour of Meta, the Quest 2 is still hands-down the best VR headset you can buy

HTC Vive Cosmos

Vive Cosmos isn’t the cheapest VR headset available to consumers. But, the modular nature makes the Cosmos range unique, which is why it costs a little more.

HTC Vive Pro 2

HTC Vive Pro 2 might seem like the perfect VR headset on paper, boasting the highest resolution of any headset right now alongside an expansive 120-degree FOV and smooth 120Hz refresh rate

HP Reverb G2

Though it can’t quite match the 5K display of the HTC Vive Pro 2, the 4K display of the HP Reverb G2 will still be a huge jump forward for those still on first-gen VR headset

PlayStation VR

the PlayStation VR headset is the only VR headset for console gamers – Microsoft offers a way for gamers to play Xbox games through the Oculus Rift S

HTC Vive Flow

Meta successfully cornering the standalone VR headset market, HTC has turned its sights to the lightweight VR market with what it describes as its first pair of “immersive glasses”.

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2, Facebook’s flagship untethered mobile VR headset, is undoubtedly the most popular device in the VR marketplace today.

Valve Index

Rift S, however, the Valve offers 25% higher resolution, much better in-built audio features, a wider field of view, and an improved immersive experience all around for users – though it comes with a significantly higher price tag.

Varjo VR-3

Varjo’s powerful VR-3 headset, released at the back end of 2020, offers the highest resolution in the industry at this stage, along with the world’s most powerful eye-tracking features

HTC Vive Pro

Designed specifically for enterprise VR users, Vive Pro is the company’s flagship business-focused VR headset that delivers room-scale precision tracking, vibrant screen colors, and exceptional sound quality.

HTC Vive Focus

Like the Pro, Vive designed Vive Focus specifically for enterprise users. Unlike the Pro, however, this headset is completely untethered, making it a great VR product for enterprise users on the go.

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