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Best Smartphones of 2022 : Nothing Phone 1

By: Mary Jones


What is new?

Nothing had been teasing about transparent back design for a long time, which is the first unique element in Nothing Phone 1

What about interface and display?

Nothing Phone (1)’s user interface is different from what we see in other Android-based smartphones. The Phone (1) runs Android 12 and has a skin close to stock Android but at the same time has a distinct look.

Power of Two

Nothing Phone (1) comes with dual camera setup at the rear. The main camera is a 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor. It supports OIS and EIS and captures both photos and videos in 10-bit colour.

Nothing Phone (1) with Snapdragon 778G+?

Nothing Phone 1 is powered by a Snapdragon 778G+, and a lot of people might ask why has Nothing not gone ahead with a more advanced processor like the flagship Snapdragon

Initial Impression of Phone (1)

Phone 1 seems to have generated a lot of curiosity and has come up with some unique features that can be head turners

Nothing phone (1) design

Nothing phone (1)'s look is more of a selling point than any of the features on its spec sheet. A phone that's designed to grab attention

Nothing phone (1) camera

most people prioritise camera performance when shopping around for a new phone nowadays

Nothing phone (1) battery life

The phone comes with a 4500mAh capacity – pretty typical for most models out there – and promises 18 hours of use

Nothing phone (1) Glyph Interface

We've already mentioned that the fancy "Glyph Interface" on the back is more than a bunch of pretty lights

Nothing phone (1) software

it runs Nothing OS, which the company is referring to as its own operating system. In reality, it's Android 12 with Nothing's user interface.

Nothing phone (1) display

there's nothing to complain about when it comes to Nothing's display (pun intended), especially at its sub-£400 price

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