(Review) Mi Watch Revolve – Good Design at a Good Price 2021

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Get to know what makes Mi Watch Revolve different then rest of smart watches!

Mi Watch Revolve is the earliest smartwatch from Xiaomi to launch in India, and it looks as though the company has been doing its research.

The Mi Watch Revolve sports a few attractive hardware that is not frequent in wearable at this cost end.

It runs proprietary software and is competent to track several exercises. On the top, Xiaomi claims a standby time of two weeks so you shouldn’t have to charge this watch regularly.

So, what are you thinking, is this the smartwatch for you? I have reviewed the Mi Watch Revolve to discover.

MI Watches Revolve Design and Display:

Xiaomi has got it best when it comes to design and features. MI watches revolve a circular display with a thin black bezel bordering it. It is set inside a shiny metal body with two buttons on the right.

The button on the top of the revolving is the power button and it can also be used to bring up menus while using the watch. The second button is a shortcut key and can be assigned to a quick workout or a different function you choose.

The Mi Watch Revolve has a 46mm case which makes it bigger than some of the other wearables that are offered to you in the market and its big display is easy to read and packs in more content on each screen, it might seem and feel too big if you have skinny hands.

You might also unintentionally hit the watch while walking around, something I did in the first few days that I was using it. Xiaomi has raised the case around the 1.39-inch AMOLED display. It is bigger than you get in Mi Smart Band 5.

Which helps maintain it safe in the occurrence of accidental knocks. After 15 days of use, I can say that there are no scratches or damage on the display of my review unit.

MI Watch Revolve Specifications:

Model XMWT06
Color Midnight Black, Chrome Silver
Screen Size 1.39″ inch
Screen Resolution 454×454 pixels
Screen Type AMOLED
Display Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Touchscreen Type Single, Touch+Slide
Strap Width 22mm
Standard Strap Type Quick Release Strap
Net weight 40g (excluding strap)
Sensor PPG Heart Rate Sensor
Three-Axis Acceleration Sensor
Geomagnetic Sensor
Ambient Light Sensor
Wireless Part Navigation GPS, GLONASS
Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Battery Charger Type: 2 Pogo pin charger
Charging Time: < 2.5 hrs
Battery Capacity: 420 mAh
Battery Type: Lithium polymer
Standby Time: Up to 2 weeks
Run Time with GPS ON: 20 hrs
Water Resistance 5ATM
App Xiaomi wear for android and Xiaomi wear Lite for iOS
Product Dimension (L x W x H)
4.62 cm x 5.33 cm x 1.14 cm (excluding straps and protrusions)
Operating temperature -10° ̴ 45° C
Compatibility Android 4.4 or iOS 10 and above

Display and Sensors Part

The smartwatch revolves features a 46mm dial and a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454×454 pixels. Furthermore, the watch display has 450 units of peak brightness and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

The smartwatch revolver has over 110+ watch faces and different strap options. Apart from displaying time, the watch can also show you notifications, control music, show weather updates, set alarm, calculate steps and heartbeat, and many more.

The Mi Revolve smart revolve wearable can be connected with the new Xiaomi Wear app for Android and iOS (Xiaomi Wear Lite for iOS) using Bluetooth 5.0 BLE. Besides, it has a 5ATM water resistance capacity.

Moreover, connectivity options on the Mi Revolve watch include Wi-Fi, GPS, and Glonass. While sensors on the smart revolve wearable comprise a three-axis acceleration sensor, gyroscope, baroreceptor, ambient light sensor, PPG heart rate sensor, and geomagnetic sensor. Also, there is an always-on display.

Battery Performance

The battery of the watch is a 420 mAH battery which lasts up to two weeks on a one-time charge and approximately or 20 hours when the user turns the GPS on. And, as per the brand, the watch takes less than 2.5 hours to get fully charged.

MI Watch Revolve Advanced Specifications:

The Xiaomi smartwatch revolve apply the Firstbeat Motion Algorithm to give physiological data for sports and wellness.

The watch also specifies a heart rate monitor, HR monitor, stress management, body energy monitoring, and VO2 Max.

In addition to this, users get 10 sports modes that include cycling, trekking, working out, treadmill, running, and much more.

This lightweight and comfortable and easy to wear Mi smartwatch revolve measures 46.2 mm x 53.3 mm x 11.4 mm and weighs near around 40 grams without the straps. 

Mi Watch Revolve Software:

You have to install the Xiaomi Wear App if you are using Android or if you are using iPhone then you have to download the Xiaomi Wear Lite App to pair the smartwatch.

This process is quite simple and easy, and the watch maintains a stable and secure connection. You can configure the Mi Watch Revolve with the help of the app and choose which apps are allowed to notify you on the wrist.

You can also modify watch faces and download new ones to match your necessities. You can also toggle between watch faces from the Mi Watch Revolve once you have downloaded them.

The Mi Watch Revolve acts more as a notifier, which means that you can’t reply to messages using MI watch revolve. You can use WhatsApp on Mi Watch Revolve, you have to install WhatsApp on this, then you will be able to chat. You are able to see the alerts for incoming calls but you are not able to take a call through the watch.

You can also change a few settings on the watch itself, for example you can set the display brightness manually or enable automatic adjustment, and toggle always-on mode, change vibration intensity.

You can also use the Find Phone feature of the watch to make your smartphone ring louder. The Mi Watch Revolve can also show the elevation and atmospheric pressure and has an in-built compass which is helpful to show you the directions if you are on trekking or other outdoor activities.

Mi Watch Revolve Performance:

To check the accurateness of the Mi Watch Revolve, I counted 250 steps manually as I walked, and saw that the smartwatch revolver counted 245 steps which is not a huge difference.

I also covered a distance of 700m, and the device calculated 710m. Distance and step tracking show slight differences, but not enough to worry a casual user.

At the end of the day, you will still be able to calculate a fair amount of steps you have taken and the distance you have covered.

Sleep tracking is accurate, and the Mi Revolve does a good job of tracking various stages of sleep. It shows records in phases labeled Awake, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, and REM.

Also guides you to get better sleep quality. I do not wear the Mi Revolve to sleep every night, as I found it to be a bit too bulky to sleep comfortably with it on my wrist.


The thing to see of the Mi Watch Revolve is a cool and easy to use device with its circular body and crisp AMOLED display. In terms of functionality.

it is more like a fitness band in the body of a smartwatch. Even one can use a watch revolve for heart rate monitor, stress monitor, compass, step count, notifying msg.

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