Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review

by Ronald Bass
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Are you looking for MacBook which runs Windows at an affordable price? If you do so then Realme Book offered a great experience in terms of screen, performance, lightweight and thin experience, and battery life.

This laptop can be described as a “thin and light notebook that reforms creativity.” So let’s finger out how Realme Book justifies these terms!

Appearance analysis:

Today, the market is not short of tens of thousands of high-end smart laptops. The design is often controversial and even a bit flashy. The Realme Book is an affordable, high-quality notebook and an ultra-thin 14.9 mm metal case with a 3:2 ratio. The two most important features of these are 2K resolution.

The real book is 307.21 mm long, 228.96 mm wide, and 15.55 mm thick. The ultra-thin 14.9mm metal body weighs 1.48kg. Realme Book uses an aluminum alloy and uses a state-of-the-art CNC diamond cutting process to accurately polish the surface.

The surface design is very simple and inherits the classic design language of the realme brand. The silver surface A is simple and elegant, and the mirrored logo is actually on A. The left side of the face is full of texture and is comfortable to the touch.


Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review

The screen size of Realme Book is 14 inches, a full-scale mirror screen with a ratio of 3:2, an ultra-high screen to body ratio of 89%, and edge widths on three sides are up and down. It is 5.3 mm / 8.45 mm or more and less than 22.5 mm, compatible with 100% sRGB, has 1500: 1 contrast ratio, a maximum brightness of 400 nits, and is equipped with a 720P HD camera.

You can clearly see the video conference or online course. The C side of the realm book has the same silver design as the A-side, with an X-shaped stand with a 1.3mm test stop. It features a strong rebound and comfortable percussion. Equipped with a 3-speed background keyboard with large keys and smiley bow stickers-close your fingers and fingertips for a great typing hand.


Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review

The Realme Book has a large touchpad, which is a 44% increase in touchpads compared to regular touchpads. It is complemented by Microsoft PTP’s precision control technology to provide smooth touch, providing accurate pointer control and multi-finger gesture control features such as screen scrolling.

Program changes, screen zoom, and other gestures. The fingerprint and power buttons are grouped together in the upper right corner on the C side, which can be unlocked when the power is turned on, effectively protecting your privacy.

Connectivity Ports

Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review

In terms of interface, the Realme Book features a full-speed Thunderbolt 4 interface, a USB Type-A interface, a USB Type-C interface, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack that makes it easy to connect to multiple peripherals, like a headset or cell. Become. Phone and U-drive. Realme Book supports a new generation of ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 network protocols, with network transmission speeds of up to 2.4 Gbps.

The next-generation Thunderbolt 4 port combines ultra-high bandwidth with extremely powerful versatility. One interface is universal for charging, data transfer, and video output. Transmission speeds up to 40Gb / s, supporting simultaneous connection and use of two 4K screens.

The bottom of the hull also uses the same metallic silver design, and the hinges are also designed with hidden heat dissipation holes, which not only improve the heat of the hull but also improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the internal hull hardware. Not only distribution performance, but also very good aesthetics and significant improvements.


Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review

When it comes to sound, laptops come with the best Harman 3411 (2*2W) speakers in the industry. Dual speakers provide excellent surround sound with DTS sound effects, 96k / 192kHz support, 24-bit high-resolution audio data processing, and DTS audio processing technology. It offers three-stage sound field options, a 5-band GEQ, allowing users to customize the most comfortable sound to their liking.

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Not only that, realme Book is equipped with AI call noise suppression, deep suppression technology, and Vocplus preprocessing technology, which can clearly convey the user’s voice and allow multiple people to speak at the same time without crying. It can be done and a clever takeoff is possible.

You can effectively distinguish between the human voice and background sound. Whether your users are working from home, in online classes, or in online meetings, you don’t have to worry about noise interference. Hands-free multi-person conference calls and game “team battle” calls effectively improve voice recognition in more fluent, noise-free, and noisy environments.

1. Performance measurement

The Realme Book comes with an 11th generation Intel® Core ™ i5-1135G7 processor. Built with advanced 10nm process technology. The laptop has 4 cores and 8 wires, is clocked at 2.4GHz, and has a turbo frequency of 3.8GHz. It features high-performance Intel Iris® Xe integrated graphics.

It has a high GPU frequency of 1.3GHz and supports variable-rate shading technology and Intel deep learning acceleration. The text is effective and creative, and Wu can eat chicken without any problems. Quickly understand the actual performance of RealmeBook through regular test items.

(Note: The test data below assumes standard laptop mode without optimization for reference)

2. Cinebench R15 and R20 Test

Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review
Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review 28

Cinebench R15 and R20 can fully demonstrate the single-core and multi-core version control capabilities of the CPU. The Intel® Core 5i5-1135G7 processor with RealmeBook scored 192 points for the R15 single-core and 922 points for the multi-core. R20 single. The main score is 500 points and the multi-core score is 2160 points. This shows that the Intel® Core ™ i5-1135 G7 processor has powerful version features.

In 3DMark’s theoretical performance test, realmeBook worked well with DirectX 12 “Time Spy” series.
Judging by 3DMark’s test results, the integrated high-performance Intel Iris® Xe graphics card can basically meet the needs of everyday games such as traditional online games such as League of Legends.

3. CrystalDiskMark

Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review
Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review 29

To accommodate user searches for data storage speed and system response speed. This laptop has a high-capacity, ultra-fast PCIe solid-state hard drive of up to 512GB. Transfer high-speed data, files, photos, videos, games, and large storage spaces for peace of mind.

At the same time, it also has up to 16GB LPDDR4x memory up to 4266MHz, which fully guarantees multitasking efficiency. In the CrystalDiskMark test, the maximum continuous read speed of the notebook is 3063.30 MB/s, the continuous write speed is 1877.56 MB/s, the 4K random read is 60.88 MB/s, and the write is 190, 61 MB/s.

4. PCMARK 10

Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review
Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review 30

Use the PCMark 10 reference project to test the performance of your RealmeBook. This project is a standardized test version of PCMark 10 and is designed for modern offices to measure GPU and CPU performance to give users a more complete understanding of platform-wide performance.

In the actual test, the overall score of the laptop in the PCMark 10 benchmark test was 4781, of which the general core function score was 9296, the productivity score was 6321, and the digital content creation score was 5048. This shows that this product can: Not only can you easily handle documents, tables, videos, and other office needs, but game performance can also meet your basic needs.

5. Thermal performance

Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review

Completely unleash the features of the newly upgraded processor and graphics card. Realme Book uses a high-density copper double tube with a dual-fan heatsink design. Copper tubes can be up to 8 mm in diameter (1.2 mm thick) and silent fans can power up to 2.5 W. The internal hardware performs heat dissipation, making heat dissipation and cooling more powerful.

In the test, AIDA64 and FurMark software were used for the double bake test in the standard model of Realme Book E for about 30 minutes. According to the actual measurement result of the infrared camera, the average temperature of the whole machine is 46.7 ℃. Such heat dissipation effect and performance can fully satisfy the stable operation of office, audio, video, and games.

6. Battery life performance

Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review

The Realme Book is equipped with a large capacity 54Wh lithium battery. A thin and light battery effectively reduces body thickness. Supports 65W ultra-fast charging technology.

Actual measurements show that it only takes 30 minutes to charge 50% of the electricity. In addition, the 65W charger also supports real-time 30W Dart Charge technology and a variety of USB-C interface devices, making it quick and easy to charge your cell phone or game console.

7. Game measurement

Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review
Ultimat performance at a good price! realme Book Review 31

In the nostalgic version of League of Legends, the screen is set to 2K highest resolution mode. For a 30-minute gaming experience, the average frame rate can reach 90fps. When playing alone, the maximum frame rate can reach 120fps and above, even with many players.

During team fighting, the minimum frame rate also exceeds 85fps. The overall performance of the machine not only gives an immediate advantage in the office but also takes into account online games. It can be said that the reality of RealmeBook exceeds expectations.

New experience of “interconnection between screens”: Two-way communication between mobile phone and computer. The iOS Airdrop feature has always been an Apple user-only experience. The Airdrop feature allows Apple users to transfer files between devices at high speed without using other applications.

You can use the Airdrop function without a network connection. Transferring movie files between two Apple phones takes only a few minutes, and Apple users consider it one of the signs that the iOS user experience has completely outperformed the Android user experience. ..

Realme Book carefully researched the needs of users and created a complete building. Interconnect file transfer ecosystem. This allows the computer to support Android applications and mobile phones, support computer peripheral operations, break down the barrier between the computer and mobile phone from the bottom of the system and enable efficient multi-platform interstate operation “Airdrop” connection between screens.

Using the screen-to-screen interface is also very easy. You can get started by clicking the Display Interface icon on your desktop. After launching the application, Realme Book searches for interconnected devices between screens by searching. Mobile devices also need to be configured accordingly.

Take the main version of Realme GT as an example. First, the mobile update system will be updated to the latest version.

Lower the phone interface screen and go to the control center. Click the Edit button in the upper right corner, click the Options button in the upper right corner and choose Restore. At this point, the control center adds a “Page Link” function. This process ends in 3 minutes and is not difficult to start.

Monitor connection

The built-in interface between the Realme Book screen enables fast file transfer between operating systems. As with Airdrop, users can only “drag and drop” files. Select the target device to complete the transfer and cross-sharing. In addition, the screen interface function also supports mirror screens. Computers and cell phones can jointly arrange file transfers. You can use various mobile applications such as Douyin and various games on your computer.

Create files, photos, documents, videos, and more. opened; Play the page directly in the phone file manager folder. You can also discover the “sharing power” of the RealmeBook via the inter-page connection function. For example, copy the text on the phone and paste it right into your computer. Copy the text to your computer, paste it right into your phone, or use it right on your computer. Enter text using the keyboard or click the phone keypad on the computer screen. For monitoring, the entire operation process is still very smooth.

Experience summary:

First, from a visual experience perspective, the Realme Book continues to see mobile advancements in terms of performance and design. At the same time, it improves from nature to vision and becomes a productive partner for users. 3: 2 aspect ratio, 2K resolution, 14-inch ultra-thin ultra-HD display with 100% high sRGB color space, the image performance becomes more subtle and realistic, and fully meets the needs of professional portrait design and photography. I also watch movies. Get better visual pleasure.

Second, the Realme Book is equipped with an 11th generation Intel Core processor. Accelerates the flow of data and saves additional storage space that has to be reserved for data. You can better monitor power consumption, CPU, and PCH power consumption.

The powerful Intel Iris® Xe graphics card has excellent image and video processing functions. It also makes video design and editing easy. You can play online games in a big way. This 512 GB PCIe drive is a solid-state. Boots faster than traditional mechanical hard drives and reads and writes faster. The best 16 GB dual-channel LPDDR4x memory, frequency up to 4266 MHz, dual heat pipe fan, waste, and more powerful cooling.

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