Is Mi Wifi Smart Speaker really smart? In-depth Review 2021

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Mi Smart Speaker: Here we’ll have a look at Mi WiFi Speaker that helps you whether you have to buy it or not!

This time Xiaomi has come up with something that offers some cool and needed features at a very affordable price, Here we stated with further ado.

Subsequent to entering the serious and well-known genuine wireless fragment recently, Xiaomi has now directed its concentration toward another sound item portion.

That hasn’t seen an excess of consideration from brands outside of Amazon and Google: smart speakers. The organization’s first item here is the Google Assistant-controlled Mi Smart Speaker.

Introduced closely by the Mi Watch Revolve and Mi Band 5, the Mi Smart Speaker is estimated at Rs. 3,999 in India. Aside from admittance to Google Assistant and the entirety of its connected capacities and administrations.

The Mi Smart Speaker additionally has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-based Chrome cast Audio availability. Is this a decent option in contrast to the Google Home and Amazon Echo arrangement? Discover in our review.

The Mi Smart Speaker has sound fine-tuning by DTS and a single 63.5mm full-range driver.

Mi Wifi Smart Speaker; Design and Specifications

Albeit not as definitely recognizable as the Google Nest or Amazon Echo arrangement of smart speakers, the Mi Smart Speaker is gorgeous and all-around worked in its own quieted and delicate manner.

It’s generally a similar size as the Google Home and Amazon Echo (third Gen), and has similar sound yield specifications too, however at a value that contends with their more modest and less competent partners, the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Nest Mini.

The packaging of the Mi Smart Speaker is made of extreme plastic and has little elastic legs at the base for hold, while the grille that folds over the speaker driver is metal.

There are 10,531 openings in the frame for sound to course through- claimed by Xiaomi; it’s an intriguing piece of random data, yet there’s nothing phenomenal about this.

The speaker isn’t excessively huge or substantial and is convenient generally, yet should be associated with a divider attachment for power; there’s no implicit battery.

Key specifications include:

  • Mono
  • Speakers: One 12W speaker
  • Supported OS: Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0
  • Supported audio formats: HE-AAC, LC-AAC
  • Bluetooth: 4.2, support, A2DP music playback
  • Speaker position: Front-firing
  • Dimensions: 13.1 centimeters long (5.15 inches), 10.4 centimeters wide (4.09 inches), 15.1 centimeters high (5.94 inches); 9.62 cm (3.79 inches) diameter
  • Wireless connection: 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz, support IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocol)
  • Language: Supports Mandarin only

Test conditions:

  • Tested with smartphone: Motorola G8
  • Tested with: Xiaomi Mi TV Box S
  • Communication protocol: Bluetooth
  • Firmware version: 1.44.3

Mi Smart Speaker; Performance and Features

At the rear of the Mi, Smart Speaker is a solitary attachment to associate the included force connector; there’s no wired contribution here, and you’ll need to depend on either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to get the sound substance.

The highest point of the speaker has four touch-touchy catches: volume here and there, play/interruption, and microphone quiet. You will have to have the Mi Smart Speaker associated with Wi-Fi for full usefulness.

However, it is feasible to utilize Bluetooth for sound even without Internet access, provided you’ve matched it with your source gadget as of now.

Setup is easy and is proficient using the Google Home app same as how Google’s own smart speakers are configured. You even try this app to link your Google account.

If you need some thing that could full fill your sound bass need so you can have a look at Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones Review

Connect the speaker to a Wi-Fi network, and link services such as Spotify, Gaana, YouTube Music and JioSaavn. You can also let rest of family members connect to the speaker, and set up Google Assistant’s voice match functions for personalized responses.

The top of the speaker has muting microphones, touch-sensitive buttons for volume, and playback features.

The Mi Smart Speaker has a driver of 63.5mm full-range, with sound tuning by DTS and 12W of an appraised output. There are two far-field microphones at the top which are continually tuning in for Google Assistant commands.

A light ring at the top illuminates when required, either to tell you that the microphones are off (orange) or that the speaker is tuning in for commands (light blue).

The ring is expressed to be fit for showing up to 16 million tones, however, this usefulness is required to be enacted through an OTA update later.

Wifi Connectivity

Smart speakers evaluated under Rs. 5,000 are normally somewhat fundamental with regards to sound quality, equivalent to section-level Bluetooth speakers.

This is the thing that makes the Mi Smart Speaker so unique; it offers execution similar to that of bigger smart speakers, while estimated equivalently to a passage level item.

With 12W of sound yield through its single enormous full-range driver, the Mi Smart Speaker is uproarious, and generally comparable to the Google Home and Amazon Echo (third Gen) with regards to volume.

Apart from it, you can enjoy loud sound via Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker 16W, we’ve coved an amazing revere of this, surely check out one.

I discovered the sound to be somewhat plain and less refined than on the Amazon Echo (third Gen), with the Mi Smart Speaker sounding a piece boomy at high volumes. The single driver additionally implies that the soundstage is a bit narrow.

All things considered, it’s a safe sonic mark that is agreeable and charming at all volumes, whether or not you’re utilizing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to bring audio content. The bass would in general overwhelm the highs and mid-range highs on account of the manner.

In which the speaker is tuned, making the mid-range sound somewhat dull, contrasted with the punchy lows. The sound quality was somewhat preferable on Wi-Fi over Bluetooth, yet the distinction wasn’t significant.

Google Assistant features

As expected Google Assistant works inform on the Mi Wifi Smart Speaker, with nice wake word acknowledgment from even across the room at up to 12 feet away.

There were incidental misfires, yet more often than not the speaker had the option to understand voice commands appropriately. Google’s voice match implies that it can understand and react to various clients in my family.

While I utilized it in English, Google Assistant manages work in Hindi too, for the individuals who might be more convenient with that language.

Like the Google Home, it was especially handy for its consistently on microphone, and I could handle my connected TV, smart lights, and cleaning robot, all totally by voice.

Another somewhat great touch is that reactions aren’t generally as words; asking the Mi Wifi Smart Speaker to turn on my smart light, for instance, had the speaker react with a delicate affirmative ring.

That was significantly more lovely to hear than Google Assistant’s normal voice answers. When set up, there are three different ways to play music on the Mi Wi-Fi Smart Speaker:

Ask Google Assistant to begin straightforwardly streaming something from a connected help, or use Google Chrome cast Audio or Bluetooth. The previous two need Internet admittance to work.

Both Wi-Fi put-together techniques functioned admirably with respect to my home Internet association for Spotify and YouTube Music, while Bluetooth was additionally steady over distances of up to 15 feet.


With fair, loud sound; solid and steady network; and able Google Assistant reconciliation, the Mi Smart Speaker is effectively the best smart speaker you can purchase for not as much as Rs. 5,000.

It’s practically identical to significantly more costly choices from Amazon and Google. Everything fills in as it should, and there are no significant disadvantages here. For Rs. 3,999, this is the best decision.It serves all your purposes and does everything one would expect from a Mi smart speaker. 


  • Simple aesthetic
  • Crips and loud
  • Responsive mics


  • Buttons are not backlit
  • Lacks 3.5mm port


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