Mi True Wireless Earphones 2; Best TWS? Review 2021

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Are you looking forward to Mi True Wireless Earphones 2? Know should you buy it or move forward to another best TWS earphone at an affordable price.

Mi users who are anxiously waiting as the company has entered into the market with the launch of Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 is priced at Rs. 4,999.

They lack support for LHDC high-def audio and that’s the only difference between the regular and the Basic models. Although it’s late in the market, it comes with truly premium quality and assures you to offer an excellent sound experience.

This classic premium feature earphone is affordable in comparison to today’s global markets as it cancels noise, supports a high-resolution Bluetooth codec, and comes with deep bass.

That makes a good choice. In my point of view, till now this earphone has been one of the most affordable with great features and anticipated foray from the end of Chinese makers.

These earphones come only in white color and are easily available on all e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Online Mi store, and many others.

Before going through the review, pre-handily create your playlists and enjoy while enjoying me-time, doing laundry, or listening to your favorite genre because we know eventually this earphone isn’t going to disappoint us.  

We’ve covered everything you need to know about Mi True Wireless Earphones 2!

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Specs

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2; Best TWS? Review 2021
Model No. TWSEEJ02JY
Type of Headphones In-ear
Weight 50g
Color White
Charging port Type-C
Impedance 32Ω
Input 5.2V—1.1A
Battery Type Li-ion Battery
Charging case 250mAh
Earphone (Capacity) 30mAh
Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE/HEP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP)
Wireless Range 10m (open space without obstacles)

Design and Style

Starting with the design, the Mi true wireless Earphones 2 quite resemble the design of Apple Airpods and are providing that experience of half in-ear design of earpods to some extent.

Which is an exciting point for users. This rectangle-shaped earphone has a circular arc-like structure at the edge and the case is minimalist at its core that gives you the premium look while holding.  

Moreover, the color case is a white matte finish that is so satisfying and increases the attractiveness. But on the other hand, earbuds feature a glossy finish though.

In this consequence to make you aware of the fact that the Xiaomi company claims, the matte finish might have the risk of falling off from the ear easily. 

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 is made up of plastic, but also due to the combination of matte and glossy, it doesn’t give you a feel of low-quality material besides.

It’s sturdy in nature that reduces the chances of breaks. The case has a tiny LED indicator on the front while at the back a small button that enables device pairing. In terms of size, altogether the earphone is fairly small and even sits well on the flat surface.

Connectivity; Xiaomi True Wireless Earphones 2

Connectivity and How to pair MI True Wireless Earphones 2

The Mi True wireless earphones support Bluetooth 5.0 version and have touch control on both earbuds. To play, pause or answer a call just tap on either of the earpod and similarly with a single tap.

You can activate your most preferred voice assistant such as Google Assistant or Siri by operating it with your own voice and one step to pairing on MIUI 11 devices. 

Isn’t this giving you the feel of an air pod? 

To connect the earphone with your device requires you to do very simple steps, as soon as you open the charging case near your phone; a pop-up will appear asking for your permission to connect. That’s it. 

 Sound quality: Move with your heartbeats

Sound and Mic Quality MI True Wireless Earphones 2

It’s apparent for every buyer to check the audio quality of any earphones before purchasing. Likewise, the Mi True wireless earphones hit the right note and give an amazing sound performance.

Whether you are watching movies, podcasts, or listening to music. It boasts 14.2 mm dynamic drivers and has a composite diaphragm. That definitely made a huge difference in giving impressive sound from earlier versions.

Or even in comparison to other earphones in this rate range. It’s particularly tuned to deliver crisp lows and midst. If you’re one you love bass so I would recommend you to check out Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones Review

The sound quality doesn’t get interrupted even if you leave the room and roam around in the flat within the distance range of 10m. The crisp top-notch voice gives no distortion and vocals are punchy and clear

Battery and Charging: The long-lasting battery for better use

In the context of battery, the Mi True Wireless 2 earphones come with a charging case that is packed with a 410mAh battery, and it’s ample to recharge the earphones about four times.

Because the battery lasts for 14 hours, trust me it’s accurate and would be good enough for almost all the users to by chance don’t miss out on their favorite podcasts.

Also, the company guarantees you that it approximately takes about 90 mins to charge the whole case. In a box, a USB-C cable comes along with a short cable thus with help of these two units.

The case recharges when it’s drained out. The charging port of the earphone is at the bottom of the case, and the pairing buttons are available on the right side.

The case is magnetic so as you bring buds near to the case it gets attracted and begins to charge.

Overall review of the Mi true wireless earphones


  • It provides a comfortable fit
  • Clear and detailed sound
  • Deep bass
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Perfect for audio calls


  • Less passive noise cancellation
  • Less water resistant 

By analyzing the above rating in this price range, it’s extremely great as the earphone does wonder to stand out from the crowd with all the premium features.

Amazingly, it has a USB-C type port which even today most of the premium earphones lack. The earphone is developed in such a way that it won’t create any hustle and you could check.

Your vibe by putting up this earphone to get high on your favorite music beats. Since The Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 are still not fully water-resistant. Therefore, it’s advised to take care of your earphones.



If you’re looking for a wireless Bluetooth earphone under the piece ₹ 4000, then the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 is the go-to option for you as I think after going through every pros and cons.

The answer is a lot clearer now. And this gadget can truly be claimed as worth the money. Because Mi true wireless earphones 2 focused on areas such as sound quality, call clarity, and battery.

A life that offers excellent performance to users, and really Chinese Xiaomi makers has specifically focused on providing an Indian sound experience as well.

Whether you are inside or outdoors either while listening to music or on a talking-on call, the quality is above average. Are you still stuck in between your seconds though? 

As I’m hoping you have got all the answers to your queries. Now you just have to sit back, and think about enjoying your favorite podcast, music, and no denying eventually.

These are the source to soothe your mind. So don’t compromise with your mood. Believe me, this earphone will definitely add more fun in accompanying while enjoying me-time.

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