How worthy Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones is? REVIEW 2022

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Know how well super bass Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones, blow your view.

Here you’ll know everything you need to know about this super bass warless headphone that could be your primary gaming or daily drive.

This super-affordable headphone is priced at just ₹ 1,799. Also, it’s available in two different colorways Black & Red and Black & golden. 

For people who willingly want to purchase headphones under Rs 2000 and are a lover of wireless connectivity headphones with a great list of features.

Then Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones will be an excellent choice for them. It comes with great features such as sound quality, battery life, and durability. 

Isn’t this headphone will fulfill your auditory needs?

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones Specifications

What does the box of headphones contain?

The boxes come with several things and that includes:

  • Headphones unit
  • User manual
  • micro USB cable for charging
  • 3.5 mm gold-plated AUX cable

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones – Design, Feature, and Style

To talk about design and style, the 150 gm of Mi super Bass Wireless earphones give a premium look and are entirely made up of mid-grade plastic material at best.

The best feature to appreciate is that despite the plastic it doesn’t look cheap and makes the whole earphone weigh lighter. This Bass has a 40mm Dynamic Driver along with an Impedance of 32Ω which completely changes the game as bigger drivers produce sounds more accurately and pleases the ear if compared to smaller drivers.

Indeed, the compact build just makes the fit more comfortable for any size of head whether it’s small or big. As the plastic material has an expandable property hence the headphone can get adjusted according to your head type.

Also, the foam material which is used is relatively good. Moreover, the design of the coil is sufficiently strong and it doesn’t show any sign of irritation or leave strain on the ear while wearing the headphones for a long period.

In the case of Mi Super Bass Headphones, the rim comes with either red or gold color to make it look more attractive. It means two options are available such as Red & Black or Gold & Black.

On the right side earcups, you will find all the control buttons such as up/down, volume, and On/Off along that you will need while operating with a Micro-USB charging port while on the right side there is nothing. With the help of volume buttons, you can skip/previous the track.

Mi Super Bass wireless earphones support all sorts of devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows-based with Bluetooth compatibility.


This Mi Headphone has the latest technology of Bluetooth version 5.0. It’s compatible and shows a better and reliable experience with newer smartphones.

As this latest technological version offers a wider range of connectivity (approx 10m) with lesser frequent stutters or lags whilst in use.

To pair the headphone with another device, press the power button for 3 seconds as the LED light starts flashing then immediately connect it. 

The call and mic quality is satisfactory however the presence of Noise cancellation would have done wonders.

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones Battery life

The Xiaomi company assures that the Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones battery charge can be consumed for up to 20hrs on a single charge and it’s really impressive to enjoy music, podcast, and movies limitlessly without any interruption of charge factor for 1-2 days.

The major advantage of this headphone is a 3.5mm headphone jack that’s an additional feature as the battery won’t be a concern if you carry an audio cable too.

If you are thinking about how to check the charging status of headphones, then connect the headphones to your smartphone device, and besides the phone status bar, you will see the headphone’s battery level.

Also while using headphones in between the battery starts getting discharged, LED starts blinking which gives a signal to put it on charge immediately. 

Xiaomi Super Bass Wireless Headphones – Sound Quality

The name of the headphone Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones itself suggests that due to its bass feature the quality of the sound is decent and users get a better possibility of listening experience.

In my opinion, the rating of the sound range is above average as eventually it somehow manages to finish off with good sound. You can also check out Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphone Pro which comes with active noise cancellation under budget.

For players, it’s advised to consider this device as the sound experience of bullets, explosions, and even footsteps is crisp and clearly audible. Besides if you are a fan of EDM and pop genres then this headphone should be on your list.

Let’s summarize whether users should buy.

The Xiaomi brands Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones assure that the Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones battery lasts for 20hrs on a single charge through the available micro USB cable so altogether you can expect the headphones to use for almost the whole day or another.

The headphone is built with advantage technology Bluetooth version 5 and the advantage of the newer version is that sound quality won’t get compromised as compared to older Bluetooth 4.0 or even 4.2 models.

Trust me the sound quality is excellent and you will easily get high on your favorite music beats. If you love to have loud sound so you can also check out Mi Bluetooth Speaker 16W

In fact, the Headphones come with a high-quality microphone that allows you to carry out a seamless and lossless wireless transmission for smooth calls. Even while playing games like PUBG PC games, you can see the best games like clash royale.

It does really wonder by producing smooth and crisp audio. Apart from this unwanted noise isolation will rarely become a problem otherwise it’s decent.

These earphones will definitely be lots of fun to accompany you while enjoying me-time, playing games, and watching Netflix. 

But make sure to carry this with care because it’s a plastic-made headphone so there are chances of getting cracked.


This wireless connectivity offers extremely good sound surrounding the better effects that give pure joy similar to theatre while watching movies or playing games. Putting this aside, comfort really plays fairly well in regard to this earphone.

In my point of view, the Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones offer pretty decent sound at this price range and it’s a go-to if you really want to own a headphone as well.

Consequently, I suggest this headphone for people who are looking for a pocket-friendly audio device with some good sound, that impresses most users about this headphone.

Besides this headphone also provides a good long-lasting battery life because most of the headphones under the Rs 2000 range don’t offer this. It’s valued for money.

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