Mi Smart Band 6 Charging Cable Black full review

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The Mi Smart Band 6 Charging Cable Black is similar to the 5th generation one in style, material and dimensions. It’s also equipped with the standard USB type C plug, used by Xiaomi since 2016. The current model (6th generation) comes in three colors (black, white and red), while the previous version was only available in black.


1) The cable is very flexible and well manufactured. It doesn’t fold at the ends and seems to be robust.

2) The USB type C plug has a golden colored metallic insert that ensures good contacts with the mobile device. I also want to mention that there are good quality materials inside, so no foreign object can damage your equipment if it accidentally falls onto the cable.

3) The USB type C plug is compatible with Xiaomi, OnePlus and other devices that support this port (but NOT all USB-C devices such as laptops). Please refer to compatibility at the bottom of this article.

4) Good length: 1 meter (3 feet), so you can use your device while it’s charging.

5) The cable comes in a small, practical and minimalist package that is easy to store.

6) Price: $8.99 on GearBest (compared to $11.99 for the original Mi Smart Band 5 Charging Cable).


The Mi Smart Band 6 Charging Cable Black is a quality product that is better than its predecessor (Mi Smart band 5 cable). It can be used with all USB-C devices, such as Xiaomi and OnePlus phones. Please note that you need at least a 5A charger to charge your mobile device while it’s connected to the cable.

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