Mi Smart Band 5 Strap Orange full review

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The Mi Smart Band 5 Strap Orange is the latest model in which Xiaomi invests. Replacing its predecessor (Mi Band 3), it brings many changes to the design, aesthetics and functionality of this wristband. Let’s see what we can expect from this interesting piece designed for sports tracking.

At first glance

The first thing you notice about the Mi Band 5 Strap is its color screen. The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 had a monochrome OLED, so the transition to full-color TFT is something that couldn’t be otherwise, or at least it wouldn’t make much sense from a design point of view. In addition, from a purely aesthetic level, the band has a more sophisticated and elegant look.

The strap is also made of silicone and has a slightly different design to that of its predecessor. It’s worth mentioning that this time around Xiaomi has opted for a two-piece strap design instead of the single-piece one on the Mi Band 3. This means that the strap is easily replaceable and comes with a latching system.

Four color options for this model are available: Black, Blue, Orange and Red. I received the orange version for this review. The silicone strap has a side stripe of exactly the same color as the screen case (white), which gives it that extra touch of personality to the band.

Aesthetic qualities apart, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Strap is exactly as comfortable as its predecessor and just as easy to wear throughout the day and night. The wristband was made so you can forget about it and not notice it at any time: neither during sports activities nor in everyday activities. The material used for this model seems to be a little less thick, which gives it a lower profile when worn. In any case, the Mi Band 5 has an excellent grip on your wrist and doesn’t move from the position in which you place it.

In terms of hardware we find all the same sensors that we had with its predecessor: accelerometer, heart rate monitor and PPG.

Screen and use

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Strap comes with a 0.96 inch TFT color screen, which is slightly bigger than the monochrome OLED on the Mi Band 3. The resolution of this screen is 80×160 pixels, which gives a good level of detail and allows you to see all the information that is shown.

The new color screen offers a number of advantages compared to the monochrome OLED of its predecessor, although if we’re going to be very precise this is not a fundamental change since the Mi Band had a 0.42 inch TFT before and now has one with double that size (and resolution). The difference lies in what it allows you to see.

With a color screen we can now see more information, not just the time and date but also our daily progress in terms of steps, distance traveled, calories burned and heart rate data. This means that it is much easier to keep track of our physical activity during the day and improve on it little by little. The band allows you to view your latest sleep data, too.Mi Smart Band 5 Strap Orange

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