Mi Smart Band 5 Black full review

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A fitness tracker with a difference Mi Smart Band 5 Black is the latest fitness band from Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. The smartwatch is well-equipped and comes at a price that’s hard to resist! In this article, we review Mi Band 5 full specs, features and pricing.

Design & Display

Xiaomi claims the battery on Mi Band 5 is good enough for seven days of usage, however, it took us five days to get through. The lightweight band is comfortable to wear all day long and doesn’t irritate you with any skin allergies.

The display, while not full-screen like other smartwatches or fitness bands in the market, is bright and vibrant. The touch-sensitive display lets you navigate through the menus with ease. The only downside to the display is that it’s not always on and you need to turn it on manually.


Mi Band 5 comes loaded with features that are sure to make your workout regime easier. The heart rate sensor on the band is accurate and measures your heart beat every second. Also, if you like running without any music playing in your earphones, this band will serve as an external speaker for your phone. The audio quality of the speakers isn’t very high; however, it’s loud enough to hear even while wearing headphones.

It has a bunch of new features that are worth mentioning. All you have to do is raise your band in the air, and it will trigger the camera on your phone for an easy selfie shot! Also, if you’re driving or riding without hands free mode, simply tap on the band twice to make calls or ask Google Assistant for directions.

You can also set up sleep patterns on the band and it becomes evident when you wake up in the morning. The only downside is that Mi Band 5 has stopped measuring heart rate for an hour after midnight, unless you manually turn it on.

Performance & Battery Life

The battery life of the smartwatch is impressive, it lasts a good five days on a single charge. The heart rate sensor on the band works accurately at all times and you can set up daily goals for yourself to have a better workout routine. However, while swimming or taking a shower, you need to take off the band as it isn’t waterproof.


Mi Band 5 is available at a price of Rs. 1,799 on the official Mi website in India. The band comes in Black and White color variants. If you’re looking for a good fitness tracker that has all the features you need and doesn’t cost a bomb, then Mi Band 5 is worth considering.

Xiaomi launched its new fitness band with an all-new design called the Mi Band 5 in India last month. The device comes at a price of Rs 1,799 and the best part about it is that it doesn’t look like your average smartwatch!

Final words:

The Mi Smart Band 5 Black is a great fitness band that ticks all the right boxes. Priced at Rs 1,799, it’s affordable and comes with features like heart rate monitoring, accurate sleep tracking, and more. The only downside to the device is that it doesn’t have a full-screen display and the touchscreen is a bit unresponsive at times. If you can live with that, then the Mi Band 5 is definitely worth considering.

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