(Latest) Mi Smart Water Purifier with RO + UV tech! Review 2022

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Know how Mi Smart Water Purifier is intelligent enough then other water purifier.

If you’re planning to have a water purifier in your home or you are fed up with your drinking water system or purifier, here you get to know how Mi water purifier is right for you.

Water purifiers have become the basic need of every house, office, and hotel as several of the diseases occur because of drinking dirty water. To keep us safe and our body healthy we should always prefer to use filtered water and for that, we should use a water purifier.

There are a ton of benefits and water purifiers are available in the market with a lot of features. Along with the feature of RO and UV helps the water to make it filtered and pure.

Mi Smart Water Purifier; Overview

Mi Smart Water Purifier Review
(Latest) Mi Smart Water Purifier with RO + UV tech! Review 2022 13

It is not a purifier but you can say it is an intelligent water purifier. A purifier that makes you aware of the quality and quality of water you use.

Xiaomi’s smart water purifier is smarter than you think. This water purifier is available in the market in the range of 11,999/-

The feature of this water purifier connects it with your wifi so that you can be aware of the water quality of your house.

It itself claims that it is India’s first smart water filter.

Mi Smart Water Purifier: Build, Design, and Installation Process

(Latest) Mi Smart Water Purifier with RO + UV tech! Review 2022
(Latest) Mi Smart Water Purifier with RO + UV tech! Review 2022 14

The installation and setup process for the Xiaomi Smart Water Purifier was quite easy. In the field, you get the mainframe of the water cleaner with an attached power cord, the inlet/outlet tubes, and three filter cartridges, which we’ll get to in a piece. The standard layout of it is very minimalistic in nature.

Once you get over the fact that it doesn’t appear very snazzy or “tech-savvy,” you’ll start to appreciate the easy layout aesthetic and the diffused curves everywhere in the plastic matte finish body. Just like you get in Mi Smart Band 5 smart features.

Mi Smart Water Purifier App to control
(Latest) Mi Smart Water Purifier with RO + UV tech! Review 2022 15

There’s a single “Mi” logo on the front and 2 small buttons for use for filter out reset and switch, respectively. The two-step aspect profile and the all-white design mean this Mi Smart Water Purifier is going to look good in almost every kitchen room set.

Features claim by the Mi smart water purifier

  • comes with Penta notification process
  • In-tank UV sterilization
  • Do it yourself filter replacement
  • Smart application connectivity
  • Easy to clean device
  • 7-liter water tank capacity
  • Auto water level detector is a field inside it.
  • Claims the filter life of 12 months
  • Real-time TDD monitoring

What you get inside the box; Review

When you open the box of this smart water purifier you can see that there is inside the main body which is white in color with an attached power cord. The tubes for inlet and outlet as well as three filters castigates.

The body is made up of plastic material with a good matte finishing. The overall appearance of the body of the filter is quite impressive.

  • Water purifier
  • Power cord
  • Tubes for inlet and outlet

Smarter features

The Mi water filter connects with the official brand application Mi home application by which the user can track and get updates of the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

Which presents in the water level after the filter process done along with it also gives the update of the water quality which comes from the pipeline into the filter.

Filtration process

Mi Smart Water Purifier Filtrate PPC, RO, and PAC
(Latest) Mi Smart Water Purifier with RO + UV tech! Review 2022 16

The water filter works on the five steps filtration process. This water filter takes the help of Reverse osmosis along with ultra-violent process technology to filter the water.

Not only this but also the Mi smart water purifier works with polypropylene filter with the activated carbon filter which helps to trace the large and noticeable particles which are available in the water as well as it can also detect the uneven color and different smell from the water and can change it.

RO + UV Tech

Along with another RO stage help the water filter to remove the unwanted heavy metals which are different metals, organic metals, and scale. The filtration skill of the water purifier is 0.0001 micron.

PAC is the fourth stage of the filter which is powdered activated carbon which helps to remove the remaining odor from the water and the other remaining substance. Together with the fifth stage of this water filter is UV rays which kill all the bacteria and viruses from the water which makes the water pure.

As soon as the filter will connect with the application it will of course show the lifetime of each filter. The life of the water filter totally depends on the quality of water in your home. Although these filters are always available in the market or on the Mi stores.

  • TDS procedures it’s unique
  • Use RO and UV process to filter
  • Woks on polypropylene and activated carbon.
  • UV rays to kill bacteria and virus

The negative point of this Xiaomi water filter is that it makes a loud noise while the filter process is going on.

Do it yourself feature is also unique

The user can clean and change the filter by them as the life of the filter is going to end or they want it to clean. Except Mi smart filter no other water purifier gives this feature.

The process of changing this filter is damn easy; you just have to press the chassis of the purifier then can lift the lid by which you can easily take it out from the lid and replace the filter.


If you are also fond of using new gadgets and get them digitally then you should go for this water purifier.

As this water purifier can be accessed with the connectivity of Wi-Fi and you can access the whole water purifier on your mobile application isn’t it cool?

Along with if you live in an area where the water quality is bad or worst then you should definitely go for this water filter. Because the filter protection of this Mi water filter is high so before going to buy this Mi water filter. Before you should check the TDS level of the water in the house.

Along with these amazing features, this Mi smart water filter purifier is just for Rs. 11,999 and as per the features and advantages, it is worthy for the money.

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