Looking for some info about Hp Flagship 17 laptop? Here we are with the complete information and details about it. So, don’t miss till the end to get updated by all of its pros and cons. Happy Watching!

HP Flagship 17 is a 10th generation laptop with all the features you would wish in your ideal laptop. It’s extremely strong and hard and is un-breakable. If you even knew a little bit about laptops, you would recognize the importance of this one. It’s incredibly lightweight, which makes it portable and easy to carry. Below, we have given you the complete details about HP Flagship 17. Continue Watching!

HP Flagship 17

Ready to know its price? The original price of the Flagship 17 laptop is ₹2,21,230.48. You can’t afford it? No problem! Amazon is offering a 57% discount on this laptop. Now you can get it only for ₹94,130 and can save about ₹1,27,100.48. Believe me or not, but it is worth it. 

This product has about 70 reviews on Amazon and a good rating of 4.4. Another fantastic thing is that Amazon is offering free nationwide delivery on this product. So, why waste time while getting a laptop with such features at such a reasonable price. 

HP Flagship 17 Description:

Hp Flagship 17 newest laptop computer is a 10th generation laptop with plenty of features. Some of which include a huge screen of 17-inch with a resolution of 1290 x 1080. It has a core i7 processor, the latest of the Hp releases so far. It has a ram of 32 GB which makes it best for gaming and built-in intel graphic settings. Furthermore, the battery of Hp Flagship 17 lasts about 7 hours, even in maximum energy use. Built-in wifi, Bluetooth, an HDMI port, and 2 USB ports are apart from these. All of these features make it the best laptop for personal as well as for professional use. 

Pros and Cons:

Here is the list of pros of Hp Flagship 17 laptop computer:

Backlit Keyboard: One of the features that the users have loved in this laptop is the backlit keyboard. Now you can use your laptop by turning the room light off. 

Quick Startup: Hp Flagship 17 provides you a quick startup only in 12 seconds, so now you don’t have to wait much longer for your computer to start.

What are the cons?

The only thing users have complained about this laptop is a little bit of thick Bazzel; otherwise, this laptop is THE BEST. 

Final Words:

Hp Flagship is a 10th generation laptop which is best for professional as well as for personal use. Its 32 GB ram makes it the most loved laptop for gaming. Amazon is offering a huge discount on it. So, what are you waiting for? Go, and grab your one now.

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