[Easy Way] Enable USB Debugging Xiaomi

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Check out how you can enable USB debugging in your Xiaomi device whether you want to enable USB debugging on MIUI 9, 10, 11, 12.

It looks hard to enable USB debugging for new users.

In this post, we will share with you the possible method of how you can successfully enable USB debugging and connect your Xiaomi device to a PC.

What is USB Debugging

How to enable USB debugging of Xiaomi device

Android users probably hear the term “USB Debugging” quite often, it sounds like a very high-tech feature but believes me it isn’t, the main purpose of USB debugging is to communicate between device and computer with the help of Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

The necessity to enable USB Debugging

You leave your Android device access and grants to the computer with the help of USB debugging. This level of access is very important when you need it during coding a new application. 

In other words, it gives much more control freedom to your Android device.  For example Android SDK, you get Direct access to your device to do things or run terminal commands with ADB to your computer. It is necessary to enable it if you want to flash files or properly connect your device through the port by USB debugging enable, also if you want to boot into EDL mode Xiaomi you have to enable USB debugging.

[How to] Enable USB debugging on Xiaomi

  • First, open “Settings” on your Xiaomi device.
  • Go to “About/My Device”
  • Figure out “All Specs” for MIUI 11 or above
  • Tap on MIUI version 6-7 time until you see a message appear “You are now a developer”
  • Time to back on the main settings page, figure out/search “Additional Settings” 
  • Find “Developer options”
  • Hit on USB debugging and tap on the Ok button which will pop up.
[Easy Way] Enable USB Debugging Xiaomi

Note; If you are using MIUI 11 or above so you are required to enable USB debugging (“Security Settings”)

Only you can enable “USB debugging(Security settings) ” when you sign in to your Xiaomi account to enable it.


For every different MIUI version options/ways may be different but primarily you need to follow the above steps to get enabled USB debugging.

If you have any queries or suggestions do let us know in the comments section below.

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