Get and Download Free Xiaomi Themes App and APK Download For Your Mi Smartphone (2022)

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Dear reader, today I am going to provide you with information about the Xiaomi Themes App and APK download.

Hello Mi Smartphone Owner!

Do you have a Mi smartphone on you? You might be eager to give your Mi or Redmi phone a new look and feel. The MIUI Themes App might be useful for changing the layout of your Xiaomi phone.

With the help of the MIUI Themes App, you may completely personalize your Xiaomi smartphone. There are countless wallpaper options, you can change the theme of your smartphone, add a ton of ringtones, and even alter the interface’s font.

Getting Xiaomi Themes App and APK Download  

You can always get the Xiaomi Themes App V2.0.4.0 & V1.6.8.7 as these are the Global Updates on the Xiaomi Themes App 

Xiaomi Themes App and APK Download  

Xiaomi began distributing the recently released update for the MIUI Theme App, which uses firmware version V2.0.4.0.

  • There are different Xiaomi Themes App APK versions. You can select the necessary version, download it, and then install it on your Mi Redmi or Poco smartphone.
  • Only the Mi Redmi and Poco smartphones support this Mi Themes download.  
  • If you can install the Mi Themes APK on a device that isn’t Xiaomi, it might not function properly and could even harm your phone.

There are many versions of the MIUI Themes App. You can download any or all versions of the Mi Themes App. Here’s what you need to see.

Supported OSAndroid
Supported MobileXiaomi
File Size32.96MB
File TypeApk
APK Version3.2.5


1. Can I trust Xiaomi Themes App?

As long as you install the themes from the official shop, you are generally safe because you can easily go back to the original theme.

2. What is the most recent Mi theme version with download specifications?

• August 18, 2022, last updated.
• Created by Xiaomi Inc.
• Release: (2010004)
Android 6.0 and higher is required.
• Size of the file: 31.5 MB.
• Date and time of upload: August 18, 2022, 11:36 AM GMT+07.
• The MD5 value is 27ea21c4dd335420b600aaf921886486.
• SHA1: 912a0025bfa40f3297: 82487bedfa0830ca73d0f.

3. How do I use the MIUI Theme Editor?

1. How to utilize the MIUI Theme Editor is as follows:
2. Get the app from the Google Play Store and install it.
3. Look over the internet and get a theme from a third-party website.
4. Open the MIUI Theme Editor.
5. Choose the “Browse” button.
6. Once you have located the downloaded
7. Click “Next” after selecting “OK.”
8. Select “Finish.”

4. Why doesn’t the Mi theme work for me in my country?

There is an easy enough fix for this. Simply select your country as your area under Settings > Additional Settings. Try restarting the device if nothing changes. Hopefully, after this, the Themes app will function flawlessly.


The fantastic personalization tool Xiaomi Themes is limited to Xiaomi smartphones, so you have to keep that in mind while downloading it.
Xiaomi Themes are separated into several tabs. Use the first one to change the theme; you can choose between several options that’ll give your smartphone a different look, so it is a great way to change the look and feel of your phone.

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