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by Ronald Bass
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Are you looking for Xiaomi Cloud? So you’re at the right place, here I’ll take you through the possess of how to use and Download Xiaomi Cloud on your PC or smartphone. As the name suggests that it is a cloud service provided by Xiaomi for their users but the interesting thing is that you can save WiFi passwords, call logs, device settings, among the photos and videos.

All the stuff that you’ve uploaded on Xiaomi cloud you can easily asses by the PC application or on your Xiaomi device itself, for both of these I’ve mentioned the guild to download Xiaomi Cloud for PC app and how to use Xiaomi Cloud on your smartphone.

Xiaomi Cloud – Download Desktop App for Windows or Mac

In order to get the Xiaomi Mi Cloud application, you need to first download it, then you can be processed it further.

  • Once app is instaaled on your PC or mac, you have to login with the same accoount as you did on your Xiaomi device while taking backup.
  • Now you will be able access all contacts, files, and media of your device. Enjoy

How to create backup in Xiaomi cloud

Watch the video to create a backup in the Xiaomi cloud
create backup in xiaomi cloud 1
Xiaomi Cloud | Download App, Create Backup, How To Use | Know Everything 2022 8
create backup in xiaomi cloud 2
Xiaomi Cloud | Download App, Create Backup, How To Use | Know Everything 2022 9
  • First, go to About phone.
  • Select Backup and restore option.
  • Open Xiaomi Cloud, then Sync all your devcie data that includes photos, contact, settings, and more.
  • Last, turn on it.

[How to] use Xiaomi cloud

Method 1: Directly through Web (Chrome)

how to use mi cloud via web
  • Go to i.mi.com or download Desktop app on your windows or mac.
  • Login using the same account which you have used in your Xiaomi decive.
  • Now you can asses all contacts, settings, files, call logs and your backup date if you’ve taken.

Method 1: Using your Xiaomi device.

how to use mi cloud on xiaomi phone.
  • Open your device settings, search or go to ‘Mi Account’ by scrolling down.
  • Now select the Mi Cloud option available there.
  • In order, to upload your photos and vidoes on the cloud just to ‘Gallery’ and enable ‘Sync automatically.’
  • You can follow the mentioned step for any other date to upload on cloud.

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