Download and Install ADB and Fastboot on Windows

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Here you’ll the best way to install ADB and fastboot on your Windows PC! These are just a brief look at something bigger, and there exist colossal heaps of other such changes. Regardless, to satisfactorily pass on most of these changes, you might have to relate your contraption to a PC. Nevertheless, a direct relationship through a USB interface wouldn’t be valuable by a similar token.

A few equal reports think about a compelling relationship between your contraption and roll out the above improvements possible. USB Drivers are just one piece of this item’s device stash. Regardless, that isn’t the one to zero in on.

The USB drivers could simply play out the fundamental activities of moving archives among PC and contraptions. Nevertheless, for the wide scope of different tasks, you truly need a lot of ADB, and Fastboot drivers presented. In this helper, we will help you with presenting just that.

However, before that, it is of principal importance to make yourself aware of these ADB and Fastboot drivers and why are they needed regardless. So moving along, ricochet into the impermanent trend and start with the helper.

What is ADB?

ADB or Android Debug range is used to set up a viable affiliation (length) between your contraption and PC. At the point when this affiliation is set up, you could do a lot of changes, both at the structure level similar to the application level. For example, you could take out bloatware from your device, pull or push records or present OTA through the Sideload incorporate. The tech fans make it a step further and execute a part of the further evolved orders.

What is Fastboot?

Fastboot is a further evolved game plan of handiness that needn’t bother with your device to be booted to the Android OS. Perhaps they have th¯eir own game plan of Fastboot or Bootloader menus. Hence, you don’t need to enable USB Debugging to execute any Fastboot Commands. Examining orders, these orders could be used to open the bootloader on your Android device.

Other usage fuses the ability to boot your device to TWRP Recovery, streak/boot various types of ZIPs, and IMGs archives like Magisk ZIP or TWRP.img records, to give a few models. Again your PC would decrease to see your contraption in a fastboot mode if the fundamental drivers aren’t presented. In such a way, the Android SDK Platform Tool will again end up being valuable. Following presenting, dispatch the CMD or PowerShell window and execute the best Fastboot Commands.

Advantages of ADB and Fastboot tool

  • Compatible for any Android devices
  • Runs on both Windows or Mac platforms
  • Install Custom ROM
  • Flash Custom Recovery
  • Can install Root
  • Unlock / Relock the device bootloader
  • Remove bloatware from your phone

Setup ADB and Fastboot on Windows and Mac OS:

Setting up ADB and Fastboot seems quite easy. As ADB and Fastboot both are a part of the Android SDK package, only you to download the kit (which is over 500 MB) and then set up path variables, or the below-written methods can be used to install ADB and fastboot driver on Windows and Mac OS. But first, you need to remember that you have to put your device into USB debugging mode, but before that, you need to enable the developer option. If you ignore this step, the possibility is your PC won’t recognize your device.

Download and Install ADB and Fastboot on Windows

Did you know?We also have a separate guide on how to install ADB and Fastboot on macOS and Linux

Supported Windows Versions

The ADB and Fastboot tools supported Windows 7 / 8.1 / 8 / 10 versions for both the 32-bit and 64-bit processor types. Now, follow the installation guide below.

Download ADB and Fastboot tool:

ADB and Fastboot drivers for Windows, Linux, macOS: v31.0.2

For Windows: Download Link

For Linux: Download Link

For macOS: Download Link

15 seconds ADB Installer

There is no new version for 15 second ADB installer. We recommend not to use the 15 seconds ADB installer on new devices.

Thanks to XDA Senior member Snoop05, who shared this on XDA.

Thanks to XDA Recognized Contributor shimp208, who shared this on XDA.

How to Install ADB and Fastboot Tool:

As we were given 3 different ADB and Fastboot tools, you can download and install either 15 second ADB Installer, Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool or SDK Platform tool. Well, we recommend using the Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool or the official Android SDK Platform tool.

Install 15 seconds ADB Installer

1) Starting with, let’s download the ADB Installer setup file by XDA member @Snoop05. It does not just install ADB, but it also installs fastboot and USB drivers within a short span of 15 seconds.
2) First of all, run the adb-setup.exe.

3) Now, you need to respond with YES (Y) or NO (N). Type ‘Y’ if you want to install the ADB and fastboot driver.

4) Once again, type ‘Y’ to install the device driver. This may take a few seconds to install the device drivers, and after that, the command window will automatically close.

6) Congratulations!!! You have successfully installed ADB and fastboot on your Windows PC.

Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot:

  1. Download the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool exe installer package
  2. Start the installation by double-clicking it.
  3. If a new window pops up to grant the permission, confirm by YES or Run.
  4. Click the Next button to confirm one by one.
  5. Now tap on Finish to complete the process.
  6. If you have already selected the tick mark to launch minimal ADB and fastboot
  7. You will see this screen to start the command.

Here are all basic adb and fastboot commands so that you should learn to become Android Pro.


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