[How to] Delete MI Account Permanently – The In-depth Process | 2021

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According to some sources Xiaomi sends their user data to its origin company in China. As you may be aware, China and other countries are fighting on the name of the privacy of their uses.

So if you are a Xiaomi user and you have an MI account, it is definitely a big concern for your privacy because it may contain your user behavior and other very important information regarding you.

Here I’m going to share in-depth how to delete MI Account permanently, if you want to permanently delete your MI account to secure your privacy so make sure to follow the following ways, we have combined all possible ways to do it. So let’s dive into it.

How to Remove MI Account using Xiaomi Device.

In order to remove the MI account, you should have a Xiaomi device with an internet connection, follow the below steps to remove the MI account.

Showing the process to sign out MI Account
[How to] Delete MI Account Permanently - The In-depth Process | 2021 13
  • Go to Settings > Account section > MI Account or Search MI Account.
  • Once you have entered an MI account, you will be able to see your personal information, account security, and other stuff related to your MI account.
  • At the bottom of the page, you can see the “Sign Out” option. It may ask for a password then enter your MI account password to move it.

How to Permanently Delete MI Account

If you have decided to permanently cancel the MI account then you should have to keep in mind all the data in the Xiaomi cloud, and all the devices your MI account associated with will automatically be removed.

You should have an account password and recovery phone number or if your account is permanently locked by Mi cloud verification and you don’t remember your details so you can check out How to Unlock MI Account. Check out the below steps to delete accounts!

  1. First, Open the URL in any browser.


Page of Sign In to MI Account
Login by using necessary details
  1. Now you need to log in, with the account you want to delete using Email/Phone Number and Password, then click on the Sign In button.
  1. Once you have successfully Log-In, you will get a pop-up caution notice regarding deleting the MI account (Make sure to read it carefully).
Delete Your MI Account Page and Caution
Click on YES button, to Permanently Delete Xiaomi Account
  1. Check the box which says “Yes”. Then click on the Delete MI Account button.
Verification page to verify, MI Account
Verify account by Using OTP
  1. You will redirect to a verification page where you have to verify your account, by OTP which you have received on Phone Number/Email.
  2. Now finally at the end, click on the delete MI account button to permanently cancel the MI account.


This was the complete process of how to delete MI account permanently, the process is pretty simple but I’m taking the time. Nowadays user data is more valuable than anything, so according to me you should take care of your privacy and don’t let others use your data.

Now it’s your time to permanently delete your MI account using the above steps?

It’s time to share your experience in the comment section below are you able to successfully delete your MI account?

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