The Best Custom ROM List for Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power / 9T [Updated] 2022

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Struggling to find out the best custom ROM for your Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power / 9T (lime)? Well, here on this page, we have mentioned the bestsupported custom ROM for Redmi 9 Power / 9T.

Typically the way to install any custom ROM is required to unlock the bootloader and install any custom recovery, The best recovery is TWRP or any unofficial recovery for your device. If you don’t have any custom recovery then you can follow our guide to the best custom recovery for Android smartphones.

The old school method is to figure out by Googleing you can figure out how you can unlock your smartphone bootloader very easily but for this article let’s deep dive intothe best custom ROM suits for your Redmi 9 Power / 9T that you can use as a daily driver.

What is Custom ROM?

Before we head down, you can discover concerning the custom ROM; well,  with the declaration of XDA, Custom ROMs are most likely the best thing about Android. By presenting custom ROM, you get the benefits like a further evolved battery, better execution, straightforward root access, customization, points (not all maintained), and some more.

Best Custom ROM for Redmi 9 Power / 9T

You can follow the guide on the same link below on how to install the custom ROM on Redmi 9 Power / 9T.

Lineage OS 18.1

Lineage OS is the practice of the old famous custom firmware known as CyanogenMod or CM. The association behind Cyanogen.Inc has taken out the notable Android mod, CyanogenMod that left an impressive parcel of its customers confounded. Relatively few acknowledged that the practice of CyanogenMod will be taken forward by another Android mod, in any case, it was all uncertain. It is amidst such disorder that Lineage OS was introduced and unquestionably it presented back everyone the suitable reaction concerning Android mod.

Heredity OS is one of the most awesome custom ROM for any Android smartphone.Lineage history ROM for Redmi 9 Power/9T goes with a lot of arrangements, for instance, Customizable Status bar, Theme, Resizing Navbar, Nav Bar tone, and customization, Quick Toggle incorporate, and more various parts.

You can follow the link to Install Lineage OS for the Redmi 9 Power / 9T device

Download ROM Here

Pixel Experience ROM:

As the name suggests, ROM brings the certifiable Google Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi 9 Power/9T. It has all of the arrangements and applications which rise out of the case with the Google Pixel cell. As of now, you can experience the certified Pixel Smartphone with this ROM.

Download ROM Here

CrDroid OS:

CrDroid OS is one more custom ROM subject to AOSP/Lineage OS worked without any planning by adding customization decisions from AOSPA, Lineage, SlimROM, crDroid OS, and various others inconceivable ROMs out there. The ROM brings a huge load of customization decisions close by Pure Android Experience.

Download ROM Here

Havoc OS:

Havoc OS is one more Custom ROM that anticipated the establishment of Lineage OS and brings many new arrangements that may not be accessible in other Custom made ROM. The ROM brings a System-wide Rounded UI, Spectrum support, Battery Teak features Status bar changes, OmniSwitch and Slim late decision for quick performing different assignments, and some more.

Download ROM Here


DotOS is a clear shortening of the term Droid On Time Operating System. It is made by the community and team members: Ganesh Varma and Kuber Sharma. The ROM brings many new changes and incorporates and moreover consolidated a couple of arrangements from Best Custom ROM.

Download ROM Here


Potato Open Sauce Project (POSP) is a rich smooth Android custom firmware (auxiliary selling) that is generally established on AOSP (Android Open Source Project). The POSP planners have handpicked the best arrangements around the Android OS and have added their own sauce to it. In a fundamental way, this ROM means passing on some intriguing parts to experience a prevalent Android taste.

Download ROM Here


BlissROMs goes with a wide decision of customization decisions from around the Android social class. Besides that, it has also added its own special piece uncommon components to the ROM. The consistent type of this ROM relies upon Android 10 (or Android Q) and conveys with itself all of the treats that the said Android collect has. Besides that point, you in like manner get some Bliss prohibitive arrangements.

Download ROM Here

DerpFest ROM:

DerpFest ROM is the farthest down-the-line development to the neighborhood. It relies upon Android 10 and conveys enormous heaps of treats with itself. These recall points for the sort of new system text styles, new structure image shapes, new establishment tones, new augmentations to the status bar, changes to the quick settings board, ability to change on-screen keys, arranging gear keys, colossal heaps of adjustments to the lock screen and admonitions and increments of new liveliness are just a piece of the new parts to be welcomed in this ROM.

Download ROM Here

Other Custom ROMs are:

Cartel Project: XDA Development Forum

PixelBlaster OS: XDA Development Forum

SuperiorOS: XDA Development Forum

We’ve tried to put our best efforts to bring a helpful guide about and installing the best Custom ROM on Redmi 9 Power / 9T.

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