[How to] Boot Into EDL Mode Xiaomi Smartphones!

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EDL Mode Xiaomi: Are you facing turbulence while booting into Fastboot/EDL mode? 

Here we’re sharing the method that you can use even if you’re not able to access your smartphone you can still connect your device to PC using EDL points.

By using the following method you can boot any Xiaomi device and connect to your PC to flash files.

What is EDL mode

Basically EDL is called Emergency Download Mode. Like Qualcomm QDLoader USB driver to connect smartphone to PC similarly, you can connect your smartphone even if you are not able to enable USB debugging or boot into fastboot mode you can still connect your device to computer using EDL points.

There are 4 ways to board your xiaomi device into EDL mode and connect to PC in order to flash files, but you still require Xiaomi USB Drivers or Qualcomm QDLoader USB drivers, if you are trying on a Qualcomm powered xiaomi smartphone.

Boot Into EDL Mode Xiaomi Device

EDL Mode for Xiaomi devices

Basically you are required to prepare your device to boot into EDL mode.

  • This method works only with Xiaomi devices. (we don’t recommend you to apply on any other model)
  •  Windows PC and working standard USB cable.
  • Make sure you have installed Xiaomi USB Driver or Mi PC Suite.
  • More than 75% or more battery percentage should be available on smartphones.
  • Enable USB debugging if possible.
  • Make sure you keep backup of your device.

[1] Boot into EDL mode using Fastboot

Fastboot Mode of Xiaomi
  • Power off your device, press Volume Down ( – ) Key and Power button simultaneously until the MI logo appears on the screen.
  • Connect smartphone to PC using working cable.
  • Use ADB or fastboot Tool to give commands, first go to ADB installed folder press and hold Shift Key + Right Click.
  • Select the available option from menu “Open Command Window from here”, and type the following command, if not working try another command.
fastboot oem edl


fastboot reboot-edl


fastboot reboot edl
  • Now your device should boot into EDL mode (mobile screen light up)
  • Go to the Device Manager on your PC.
  • Under the port section you will be able to see Qualcomm HS USB Qdloader 9008 or MediaTek Preloader, if drivers are working properly.
  • Finally you can flash firmware or flash file or anything which you want to do.

That’s it, your xiaomi device appears in the device management section.

[2] Use Volume and Power buttons

  • Switch off your device.
  • Press and hold Volume down (-) Key and Power button simultaneously and connect to PC at the same time.
  • Your device will automatically be in EDL mode.
  • Now you are ready to go if this method works for you.

[3] Boot EDL Mode via ADB Commands

ADB is called Android Debug Bridge, it is one of the ways to boot your device into a EDL mode, but you are required to enable USB debugging in order to connect to a PC (if you are not able to access your device so you can follow other ways).

  • Make sure to enable USB debugging and tab on Ok a when you connect with the USB cable your device to PC
  • Use the ADB & Fastboot tool on your PC, which we have mentioned in the first step.
  • Type the following command.
adb reboot edl

[4] Use PCB EDL Test Points

A test point located on the motherboard of the smartphone, the main purpose of the testing point is to check whether the device is working or not.

Basically made for manufacture, but using them you can also vote and to EDL mode if the device is not in the condition of working (We highly don’t recommend you to follow this method)

The testing point location varies according to the device, Qualcomm provides EDL points force device to boat into EDL mode (9008).


That’s all, we hope that you are able to boot your device into EDL mode. In short there are mainly four ways to do.

This you can follow either any method. But if you are not able to do so we don’t take a man to you to permanently boot your device into bootloop which will be your.

Stay tuned with Xiaomi Trends!

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